About Us

The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar

The Shopping Bazaar is a one of a kind and unique social experience including special events, raffles, concerts, weekly discounts on all products and services such as Clothing Accessories, Handbags & Shoes, Home Goods, Health & Beauty Supplies, Services, Jewelry, Watch Repair, and much more.  The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar has re-branded itself into Delray Beach’s New Mini-Mall and now targeting every demographic including Millennials, Centennials, and Baby Boomers.  The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar philosophy is to create a relaxing, unique, and memorable atmosphere with a quality selection of Shopping Boutiques and Services whose focus will be to provide a wide range of choices for mainstream shoppers seeking excellent value.

The Big Apple Jewelry Exchange

The Big Apple Jewelry Exchange is a family owned business that is part of legacy established in 1971. We are committed to providing our Jewelers and their customers with the finest quality Jewelers Showrooms and accommodations in the industry. Our management team has over 47 years of experience in commercial industries such as land development, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse and self-storage facilities, Class A office buildings, and specialized retail. The jewelry and jewelry accessories market has been flooded with cheap, mass produced imports which means that customers are often presented with the same jewelry and accessories over and over by different retail outlets.  This has diminished the value of the product in the eyes of the potential customer and gives the Jeweler less of an opportunity to make a profit especially in these challenging economic times.

Our Philosophy

The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar & Jewelry Exchange’s philosophy is to create a relaxing, unique, and memorable atmosphere for all merchants, Jewelers and their customers. The Jewelers and merchants that choose to secure a merchant booth or a Jewelers Showroom within The Big Apple Jewelry Exchange, will have the option to buy, sell, design, create, and produce its jewelry, services and products to meet customer’s taste, expectation, and need with the best quality and style Big Apple customers will enjoy.

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Key Features & Benefits on the reason behind “the why” to join the Big Apple Family!

  • In-House IT Department (Social Media, Digital, and Internet Marketing)
  • 20.5% Total Personal Income Growth / 11.6% Population Growth
  • #1 Location Heart of Delray Beach Mid-Way I-95 & Turnpike
  • Over $250,000.00 Marketing/Advertising Budget
  • Cutting Edge Technology Security System
  • 24-Hour Video Surveillance
  • Armed Security Guards
  • 350 Parking Spaces